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Beginning in 2023, the Society’s journals, Transactions of the American Entomological Society and Entomological News will be published in digital format only. Membership in the Society allows free access to these two journals through a BioOne portal. Printed copies of Memoirs will still be available to purchase (order below).

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Published by the American Entomological Society

Transactions AES Cover


The oldest continuously issued peer-viewed journal in the New World devoted to the publication of papers on the taxonomy and systematics of insects. Published quarterly.

Entomological News Cover

Entomological News

Focused on shorter articles that are available more frequently than Transactions. Five issues per year.
Entomological News Co-Editors
Dave Horn – email: OR
Mailing address – 7 Briarwood Terrace, Worcester, MA 01606
Steve Chordas – email: ​

AES Memoirs 51 Cover

Memoirs of the American Entomological Society

A large monograph format journal published irregularly. Free downloads of all volumes at Biodiversity Heritage Journal. Order a physical copy of our latest volume.

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