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Calvert Award

Awarded annually to a young person who displays unusual accomplishments and interest in the area of entomology or insect-related study.

Carolyn Almonte receives the Calvert Award from President Jamie Cromartie, April 2019

In March 1986 the Executive Council of the American Entomological Society formed an Education Committee. The objectives of this committee were to explore ways in which the Society could promote interests in insects among young people and to involve more young people in the activities of the Society. In April 1987 the Executive Council approved a proposal to offer an annual award to a young person who displays unusual accomplishments and interest in the area of entomology or insect-related study.

The award to an outstanding young entomologist of the Delaware Valley is called the Calvert Award in honor of Dr. Philip P. Calvert. Calvert displayed unusual accomplishments as a young entomologist and illustrator in Philadelphia a century ago. He had a 74-year association with the Society and held the office of president from 1900-1915. At the age of 18 he contributed to the first issue of Entomological News and continued on as Associate Editor and Editor through 1943. As a member of the Society, the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University in Philadelphia, and as a professor of biology at the University of Pennsylvania, Philip P. Calvert was committed to entomological education. It is therefore appropriate that the award to an outstanding young entomologist commemorates one of the outstanding entomologists of the early 20th century. A short biography of Calvert as a young entomologist was published in Ent. News 95(4): 155-162 (1984)

The Award

Cash Prizes
Certificate of Accomplishment
One year membership to The AES
Award letter from the President of the Society


The Publicity

Winners announced in Entomological News
Press release sent to the appropriate local newspaper
Director notified for all Delaware Valley Science Fairs participants
Winners photographed for the Society records


Eligibility is limited to precollege students of the greater Delaware Valley who demonstrate outstanding accomplishments in insect-related study, who have not previously received the Calvert Award first prize, and who are not related to current AES Council members. Worthy recipients will be identified by the selection committee at Philadelphia area science fairs, such as the Delaware Valley Science Fairs. Other types of excellence can also be honored. Email the Society ( to inquire about other non-science fair entomology projects, such as an insect collection, or other insect research project, you are working on and would like considered. Although projects using Drosophila or other commercially available insects will be considered, preference will be given to projects relating to local species and projects demonstrating genuine interest in entomology.

Past Winners

You may view a list of past winners here.

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