Hybrid American Entomological Society Meeting

March 27, 2024
Wednesday, March 27, 2024, 7 pm EST (US)


The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University
1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Meeting Topic:

What giant silkmoths tell us about city trees

If in the area, help us celebrate being back in person by attending the meeting at the Academy!

Giant silkmoths (Saturniidae) are among the most beautiful and beloved insects. In eastern North America they are rare in cities even though potential host trees in cities are plentiful. Paved cityscapes interfere with the pupal stage of these moths. By contrast, the moths can complete their pupal stages in large tracts of forest within big cities, such as New York and Philadelphia. The popular appeal of these charismatic saturniids may be used to promote the conservation of forest fragments in cities.

ALSO: Come view the Academy of Natural Science’s new exhibit “Drawing from the Collections: The Evolutionary Success of Beetles” outside our meeting room before the meeting.

We will have some of the Academy’s spectacular giant silk moth specimens displayed in the meeting room, along with refreshments.

Luna Moth

This is a Hybrid meeting both in person at the Academy of Natural Sciences & on Zoom.
Zoom meeting link will be emailed to all members prior to the date.

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Guest Speaker

Kenneth D.  Frank – Philadelphia
After retiring from practicing medicine in Philadelphia, Ken pursued urban ecology. His publications outside of medicine have focused on biological clocks, light pollution, the ailanthus silkmoth, the Japanese beetle, a jumping spider, the spotted lanternfly, and a liverwort. They include two books, Ecology of Center City, Philadelphia and Sex in City Plants, Animals, Fungi and More. In the meeting he will speak about research reported in a paper that is in press.

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Regal moth caterpillar

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