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About WordPress & Divi

Your site is built with WordPress.

It is created using the Divi Theme. is free open source software. It is also the platform of choice for over 39% of all sites across the web.

Do not confuse it with WordPress.COM which is a hosting platform for WordPress. If you’re interested, read more about that here:

Divi is a WordPress page builder made by Elegant Themes and the (self proclaimed) most popular WordPress theme In the world. It is the “bones” that your website is built upon. KMDD has been using WordPress exclusively since 2008 and Divi exclusively since 2014.

In December 2018 WordPress launched a major update of its software and became a page builder with some similarities to Divi but not nearly the power or options. Because your site is built with Divi, and the classic WordPress editor is much easier to use, your site has the WordPress Gutenberg Builder disabled.

If you search documentation you may find differences in how your backend works since current documentation is geared towards the latest version of the Gutenberg builder. If you feel that you would like to use this new builder, please send a request to KMDD and we will enable the new builder.

Add Meeting Posts

Prep for Post:

  • Upload your images to the WordPress Media area (Click Manage Media above to access). All images should be 72dpi jpg, no larger than 1080px in largest direction.
    • Featured Image – should be 1080px × 675px
    • Speaker Image
    • Other post images

Create the Post:

  • Create a new Meeting item from the black bar at the top of your Dashboard>+ New Post
  • Add your title
  • Scroll down to the Editor block which is below the Paragraph dropdown and mini menu.
  • Type in your meeting text or switch to the Text Tab and paste any copied text into the editor (do not use the Visual tab to prevent pasting any unnecessary HTML code).
  • In the Project Categories (right side) area check on the correct category.
  • Scroll down on right side and Set Featured Image. Choose the Featured image you uploaded to the Media Library.
  • On left side, below your Meeting text, scroll to Meeting Post dialog boxes.
    • Meeting Time
    • Meeting Title (Shorter is better)
    • Click Add Image and add Speaker image from Media library.
    • Speaker Name
    • Speaker Info (IE: College, Organization)
    • Add up to two additional images for the Meeting Post.
    • Paste Zoom Meeting link (Will only be visible to logged in Members)
  • Scroll back up to right side and Click Publish, or add Publish date to schedule future Meeting.
  • View Post (top) to review all info.

View Form Entries

From Dashboard visit- WP Forms>Entries
General info is available in this main window
Click on a particular form title to view details of entries made by that form


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