This article was originally published in Transactions of the AES, volume 146.1.

Author: Daniel Otte, Department of Entomology, Academy of Natural Sciences, Drexel University


This is a progress paper on the taxonomy of eleven genera in the grasshopper family Lentulidae fromSouth Africa. They are: AfrotettixDirsh with eight species, six of which are new (abuntix, berupo, eduva, tinipa, frixo and rabex); Calviniacris Dirsh with one species;

Atopotattix Brown with one species; Devylderia Sjostedt, with eleven species, seven of which are new (locapsa, lishe, compoti, seche, segasa, solveigae, andkoenigkrameri);Karruia Rehn with three species, one of which is new (nova); Dirshidium Brown with three species, two of which are new (kadoandjati);Gymnidium Karsch, with three species, one of which is new (ydiumi); Leatettix Dirsh with 18 species, eleven of which are new (carinae, lillianae, erymnita, fursti, elizabethae, cowperi, greeni, knowlesi, armstrongi, cadeiandrohweri); Tsautettix Otte, with one new species(adriani); Kalaharicus Brown, with one species; and Shelfordites Karny with five species, three of which are new (lapollai, laurelae, and spearmani).


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