The President’s Page is where the President of the American Entomological Society posts an annual message. This includes updates about meeting topics, speakers, the Calvert Award, plans for the current year, and more. More details about upcoming events can be found at the AES events calendar.

President's Annual Message

January 2021

Dear Members:
I have a number of significant achievements in 2020 to report to you. First, despite being unable to meet at the Academy of Natural Sciences since February, the American Entomological Society has held two virtual meetings. While some miss the familiar, in person setting, meeting online has allowed many who live far from Philadelphia to attend a Society meeting. I saw quite a few of you for the first time at one of these events. We plan to continue with live, online meetings even after we can return to the Academy.
Our speakers this year were, as always, an exciting mix of active entomologists:

February 26: Stefanie A. Kroll, Ph.D., Patrick Center for Environmental Research,
Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, Stream Restoration in the Delaware Basin: Insects as Bioindicators

March 25 and April 22: cancelled due to the Covid-9 shutdown

October 26: Kelsey E. Fisher, Department of Entomology, Iowa State
University, Investigating Monarch Butterfly (Danaus plexippus) Movement Ecology to Inform Conservation Strategies, (First virtual AES Zoom meeting)

December 2: Erika McKinney & Virginia Tilden, Wildlife Biologists, Fort Indiantown Gap Military Reservation​, Finding Our Way to Greener Pastures: Successes and Challenges of Regal Fritillary Butterfly Conservation, Grassland Management, and Reintroductions

We have added a new associate editor, Dr. Steve Chordas, who will assist Dave Horn with publishing Entomological News. We also hope to have Ashley Kennedy rejoining the AES Council as Corresponding Secretary after the Council election in February. She has been nominated to take the place of Jon Gelhaus, who will continue on Council as Past President. Ashley was instrumental in establishing AES’s presence on social media when she served as Student Member. We look forward to her taking on the responsibility of arranging speakers for future meetings.

The other good news is that, beginning in 2021, AES members will have access to the journals, Entomological News and Transactions of the AES, in electronic form as soon as they are published. The new website  is probably already familiar to many of you. This new edition will enable you to establish an account, pay dues and subscriptions and have access to the latest articles. We will continue to have hard copies available by separate subscription for the immediate future. Thanks to our editors, Council members, our office manager, Michael Harrah, and our webmaster, Aiden Mendez, for making this happen after several years of effort.

Please renew your membership early at and encourage other entomologists, especially students, to take advantage of this new benefit of joining the American Entomological Society. On behalf of all of the many people who work to keep us going in difficult times, I wish you a safe and happy New Year.

Jamie Cromartie, President