The President’s Page is where the President of the American Entomological Society posts an annual message. This includes updates about meeting topics, speakers, the Calvert Award, plans for the current year, and more. More details about upcoming events can be found at the AES events calendar.

President's Annual Message

January 2022

Dear Members:

 There are a number of significant achievements in 2021 to report to you. First, despite being unable to meet at the Academy of Natural Sciences since February 2020 because of Covid-19 protocols, the American Entomological Society hosted its usual five-yearly member meetings virtually via the Zoom platform. The member meetings continued to be preceded by Society Council meetings, which were also virtual. While the in-person setting is missed, meeting online has allowed many who live far from Philadelphia to attend Society meetings. In addition, the virtual platform has allowed the Society to add online webinars to the content available to members, and three webinars were added to this year’s lineup. We plan to continue with live, online meetings and webinars even after we can return to the Academy.

Our meeting speakers this year were, as always, an exciting mix of active entomologists:

February 23: Dr. Karen Poh, Penn State University, Postdoctoral Scholar: Parasite Hunters: Engaging the Hunting Community to Uncover the Status of Ticks, Deer Keds, and their Pathogens.

March 24: Vaughn Shirey, PhD Student, The Ries Lab of Butterfly Informatics, Georgetown University, Department of Biology, Washington, D.C.: Detecting Climate-Driven Macroscale Changes in Boreal and Tundra Butterfly Communities.

April 28: Dr. Sujaya Rao, Entomology Department, University of Minnesota: Edible Insects: Western Taboo Food or Healthy, Eco-friendly Diet of the Future?

Also at our April Meeting, we presented the Society’s 33rd Annual Calvert Awards to 5 students who displayed unusual accomplishments and interest in entomology. Top honors went to 9th-grade student, Marissa Almonte, from Burlington, New Jersey for her project: The Effect of Exposure to Bisphenols Used in the Production of Everyday Use Products on the Development of  Protophormia terraenovae. 

October 27: Dr. Michelle Duennes, Assistant Professor of Biology, St. Vincent College: Using Molecular Tools to Understand How Environmental Stressors Impact Bumble Bees.

November 17: Deborah Boerner Ein, Author, Mary Treat: Entomologist Extraordinaire – a sneak peek at her Mary Treat biography: Dear Mrs. Treat: Life and Letters of a 19th Century Scientist.

Our webinar speakers, a valuable new addition to the Society’s virtual presence this year,  highlighted even more entomological themed presentations:

May 26: Dr. Jessica L. Ware, Associate Curator of Invertebrate Zoology, American Museum of Natural History: Dragonfly, Damselfly and Dictyopteran Evolutionary History.

June 23: Dr. Kathryn Weglarz, Assistant Professor of Biology, Westfield State University, Westfield, Massachusetts: Using Existing Entomological Data to Improve Conservation Efforts and Undergraduate Education.

December 15: Dr. Jaeson Clayborn, Assistant Professor of Biology, Miami Dade College Padrón Campus: Mortal combat Between Ants and Caterpillars: An Ominous Threat to the Endangered Schaus’ Swallowtail Butterfly in the Florida Keys, USA.

At the Society’s February elections, the following Council members were elected:


            William J. Cromartie



            VICE PRESIDENT

            Greg Cowper




            Charles R. Bartlett




            Ashley C. Kennedy




            Brian A. Kunkel



            MEMBERS AT LARGE

            Sven Strnad



            Larry Henderson




            Tyler Wiedmeyer



Ashley Kennedy joined the AES Council as Corresponding Secretary after the Council election in February. Ashley has been instrumental in arranging the speakers and webinars in 2021 and continues to maintain AES’s presence on social media. In 2021 we instituted changes to the Bylaws to regularize our practice of holding virtual meetings.


Now discussion of the AES website & renewing your membership through the site. Our website is a work in progress & unfortunately, there is no friendly way at this time to renew your membership online. There is no “Renewal” button yet. Therefore, listed below is a step-by-step workaround to renewing your membership on our site:


1. Even if you are a current member, no matter for how long, you will need to “Join Us” via the website in order to get the benefit of online access to Entomological News and Transactions of the American Entomological Society.


2. To do so, click “Join Us” (below the “login” button), then on the page that comes up, scroll down and select regular membership ($35) or student ($20) … (If you are a member, ignore the “Already a Member Login here” link.)


3. You will be directed to PayPal (if you don’t have a PayPal account, I strongly encourage you to set one up before trying to join or renew – it is the only way AES has to accept credit card payments.)


4. Once you have paid, you will receive an email from the AES customer care account with a link to complete your registration (NOTE: this email account is a do not reply, not monitored by us, so if you have questions, they should go to our regular email (


5. Follow the link to the account setup page, choose a username and a secure password, enter the other information (even if you are already a member) and submit.


6. You may receive another email from PayPal explaining that your membership will automatically renew in a year, and each year, on the same date, until you cancel. This means you need to keep your PayPal account active. 


7. You now have full online access to the text of all articles as they are published in Entomological News (Ent. News) and Transactions of the American Entomological Society (TAES). All issues for 2020 & 2021 are available through the BioOne link along with earlier archived issues of each of the Society’s two Journals.


8. Print copies of the journals will still be available for 2022 by subscription but the Society is moving to an all-digital platform at the end of this year. After 2022 print copies may still be available but on a print-on-demand basis by the subscriber. You can still purchase the latest Memoirs of the American Entomological Society. The latest issue No. 51 is available. When you submit the appropriate form, you will receive an invoice from the AES office to pay, preferably by PayPal, & a copy will be mailed to you.


Again, apologies for any confusion. We hope to see many of you at the next virtual AES meetings on January 26, February 23, March 23, & April 27. We are looking forward to continuing to have our meetings live and online as well as (hopefully) resuming public gatherings. We are planning on having extra events in the form of webinars in the future so regularly check the Meetings page on the website to keep up to date. Members receive email invitations to the meetings & webinars. 


Please feel free to contact our Vice President, Greg Cowper,, or our office manager, Michael Harrah,, with comments or questions.


On behalf of all of the many people who work to keep us going in difficult times, I wish you a safe and happy New Year.

Jamie Cromartie, President